Effectief Counselling Coaching


Like many people, I also was confronted with dificult situations in my life. Through all of this, my feeling of wellbeing was out of balance for some time. This made me think.
Used to taking responsibility, I wanted to improve my human communication in a way that I needed to get a better connection with my feelings of wellbeing and comfort, and that of my environment.

That is why I started to study counselling/coaching.
Because of this study, I achieved results which I never achieved before.
For instance, by improving my self-awareness I experienced less stress.
By considering my personal values and standards and those of my environment, I can now communicate in a deeper and responsible manner and more easily overcome obstacles in an agreeable way.
Having all this expierience, I became more empowered.
This gave me the ability to cope with circumstances more efficiently; moreover I now have a better connection with my centre of being.

I am happier and more at peace.
I am glad to have discovered all this and it has enriched my personal life. I am now able to guide other people in a professional way, those who are searching for a more balanced lifestyle, wellbeing, or people who intend to reach their goal in an agreeable way.
Through getting a clear, deeper insight into situations, you are able to make the right choices and implement your plans.

Besides "face to face" meetings, also Skype is possible.

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