Effectief Counselling Coaching


People have a lot of choices as to what and how they want to learn something and from whom.
Do you find it difficult to make the right choices?
Are you searching for a better balanced life that fits with your wellbeing?
Are you looking for more personal effectivity?

Through being in contact with your inner self, you will ultimately be in better contact with your personal environment, social life and within your career.
Effective, responsible, personal cooperation client/coach is essential to develop more consciousness as well as solving habits that block you, so that you are able to develop a more positive attitude and personality.
Therefore it is important that the right match is achieved during an extendid interview.
This leads to a balanced and more functional lifestyle.

Respect, trust, understanding, life-experience and of course confidentiality are good values.
These values are the essentials for counselling/coaching.

I am Certified at the Academy for counselling/coaching.
This study gave me deeper insight in my personal life as well as in my business life.